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Results, clinical outcome and analysis of non-patella resurfacing total knee arthroplasty in osteo arthritis knee

Author : Jinesh Vora, Pathik Vala, Shreyas Gandhi, Darshil Parikh, Rutvik Shah

Doi :   Page No : 8-10

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Zolindronic Acid in Osteoporosis- A Dexa Study

Author : Muthukumar Balaji, Sathish Devadoss, A Devadoss, Sreekanth Gunti

Doi :   Page No : 1-5

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Mid Term Outcome of Open Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy

Author : Tarun Kumar Badam, Muthukumar Balaji, Sathish Devadoss, A. Devadoss

Doi :   Page No : 6-11

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Unstable Intertrochanteric Fractures: Hemiarthroplasty V/S Fixation

Author : Zulfikar M. Patel, Shaival S. Dalal, Kalpesh A. Mehta, Akash J. Shah

Doi :   Page No : 20-31

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Comparison of Core Decompression with Autologous PRP Infusion v/s Core Decompression Alone in Treatment of AVN Hip

Author : Zulfikar M patel, Kalpesh A Mehta, Shaival S Dalal, Kaushal R Patel

Doi :   Page No : 32-34

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A Randomized Open Label Study to Assess Analgesic Efficacy of Salmon Calcitonin is Painful Bone Diseases

Author : Sujeet Rai, Venus Khanna, Satyajeet Verma

Doi :   Page No : 35-40

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Gout: Not Crystl Clear

Author : Madhu Chandra

Doi :   Page No : 41-43

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A Novel Cell Based Treatment for Avascular Necrosis of Femoral Head: A Case Report

Author : Pradeep V. Mahajan, Prabhu Mishra, Manish Khanna, Anurag Bandre, Swetha Subramanian, Manu Menon, Ne

Doi :   Page No : 44-47

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USOFRA study using QUS Ultrasound of the heel bone to detect osteoporosis demonstrating height loss as a vital risk factor in women

Author : AP Singh, Dipali Das, Vandana Singh, Neha Bisht, Ritu Mehta, Chitra Kapoor

Doi :   Page No : 1-8

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Mid-term results of all poly total knee replacement versus metal-back total knee replacement

Author : Kaushal R. Patel, Harshil R. Patel, Zulfikar M. Patel, Kalpesh A. Mehta

Doi :   Page No : 9-12

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Efficacy of celecoxib and diclofenac in the pain management of Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Clinical study

Author : Kolla Saketh, Y. Thimma Reddy, J. Satyanarayana, Gattu Naresh

Doi :   Page No : 13-14

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Evaluation of results of “short proximal femoral nailing” in unstable trochanteric fractures

Author : Santosh Kumar Sahu, Khusbu Parichha

Doi :   Page No : 15-27

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Comparative analysis of functional outcome between commonly available modalities of treatment in Tennis Elbow patients

Author : Vijay Vasant Nemade, Suyog Prakash Burgute, Punarvasu Rajeev Jagtap, Ganesh Tanaji Mundhe

Doi :   Page No : 28-32

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Clinical effects of half- and full-dose abatacept are equivalent

Author : Yasunori Itoh, Wataru Shimada, Masato Kamiya, Masakatsu Saitoh, Osamu Matsuo, Hiraku Kikuchi

Doi :   Page No : 33-40

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Analysis of epidemiological factors and biological markers of rheumatoid arthritis

Author : Sanjay Kumar, Ajay Bharti, AK Gupta, Hemraj Saini

Doi :   Page No : 41-46

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Synovial chondromatosis of the hip - A Case Report

Author : Pranav Kothiyal, Gyaneshwar Tank, Amit Gupta

Doi :   Page No : 52-54

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Two-step Diagnostic Strategy in Rheumatology

Author : Shiva Shankar Jha

Doi :   Page No : 55-59

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